Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ritewing Zephyr II Build - Part 2

 A bit more progress has been made on the ZII build. The two 4S battery bays have been cut out using a hot soldering iron shaped to the correct width and depth. Two small channels have been cut out to route the lipo battery wires into the main hatch. These have been strengthened with two small U shape bits of plastic which have been heated to get the correct shape.

As can be seen if you enlarge the pictures, I've also cut out a small recess all the way around the batteries such that I can then cover these in flight with two bits of thin ply wood. These will be hinged with the carbon vinyl covering material to tidy the whole thing up at the end.

You will also notice, I've added a servo cover just to house the servos off. These will be covered too and just finish the thing off.

The following pictures shows the flying wing taking shape now and getting ready to be covered. The speed controller is going to be mounted on a black perspex sheet cut to the correct size directly above the motor mount. I've opted for the Team Black Sheep TBS GoPro mount and will fit this into nose of the wing. See the following link for a video put together by DesireRC of how this goes together. The reason I opted for the TBS mount was to protect my GoPro lens in the event of an accident! The TBS comes with a perspex layered lens which should do the trick!

Here is a picture of the hatch which has been covered in chrome vinyl, I've added a plastic spoon for an air scoop intake and added a bit of gauze to allow the air to get out. I may look to do the same for the front hatch too to help cool the OSD and other electrical equipment.

Finally, this is the covering below which I've opted for. It's a carbon effect vinyl covering and can be obtained from The top side of the wing is going to be covered in this material with a red vinyl underside. The ailerons will also be covered in red too which should give a very striking contrast coupled with the chrome effect hatch doors. I've opted not to use the Lamination film.

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