Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ritewing Zephyr II Build - Part 4 - Nose job and more!

As can be seen from the following pictures, further progress has been made with the camera box now installed, battery bay re-enforced, the installation of some of the equipment and working elevons.

I pondered long and hard whether to go with the Team Black Sheep TBS camera box, but in the end plumbed for a stronger design which my friend Steve came up with and used on his ZII. Essentially it’s been built out of stronger ply and has compartments for both the GoPro and FPV camera. The GoPro is secured by a velcro  strap which comes up through a hole in the floor of the mount. I will however be using the GoPro layer lens from FPVmanuals to protect the GoPro. The FPV camera has a smaller compartment and is protected by a shaped piece of plastic. As shown in a later picture, the camera box has then been covered using the same carbon vinyl.  The two skids either side of the camera box will not be positioned and glued in place.

As can be seen from the following pictures, the equipment has been separated into three bays with the speed controller ESC being left external right at the back. Moving from back to front, the first bay houses the current sensor, BEC and although not shown, the FPV video transmitter.  The centre bay holds the receiver, separate 850 3S battery for the 12v video gear and battery deans connectors. Finally in the front, we have the FY31AP gear (GPS unit, Stabilisation Unit and Hornet OSD).

The Elevons have been sited and are now operational.  I used 3mm carbon rods with some M3 metal clevis. I just need to cover and position the servo covers now.

The GoPro camera sited in the camera box. As can be seen the camera box has been covered in the same carbon vinyl as used on the wings to finish it off nicely. The skids will now be sited either side and glued in place.

Oh and finally, here is a flight video of my friends ZII on it's second outing. His has the FY31AP installed, but it hasn't been setup on the following video.

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