Tuesday, June 28, 2011

52" Pterodactyl Wing Progress

Now the distraction of the Addiction X build is out of the way, I've returned to my Pterodactyl build. I'm trying to finalise the wing and other than adding the ailerons and giving it a really good sanding it's pretty well there now. I've decided to cover the wing in transparent yellow profilm, so another few sessions and I should be ready to start applying.

The two speed controllers are in place and sit securely via some velcro on some 3mm depron which I've glued to the carbon spars. The leading and trailing edges have all been applied and rib tops have all been applied.

The speed controllers and wires are all enclosed in now. I just ensured the supplied screens all aligned up by screwing these in place before I glued the final top pieces.

 A bit more sanding and the wings will be ready to cover.

Maiden flight of the Addiction X and some nice flight pictures.

The maiden flight video of my Precision Aerobatics Addiction X along with some excellent flight stills.

These excellent photos and others were taken by Colin Wilson:

Monday, June 27, 2011

How low can you go (inverted!)?

What a nice day on Sunday it was for some good fun with the depron Typhoons! You can't beat a bit of friendly dog fighting on a Sunday morning!

 My vetran Typhoon was lookig very nice against the blue sky.

Let's try a high speed inverted fly past! Pull up pull up!! Arrrrrggghhhhhhhh

Hmmm a bit of a rebuild I think!  I was fully pushed up on the stick, but she just wouldn't pull up.

The walk of shame! The rotter even captured this on film.

These excellent photos and others were taken by Colin Wilson:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Eye Eye - Pterodactyl LED light installation

Having spent the last couple of weeks putting together my Addiction X, the Pterodactyl has not had much of a look in! Well now it can see!

I fed a couple of wires down the neck and have installed some red LED's in the head.

The LED's are pushed into and secured into some depron and this has been glued into the head slightly set back so that the LED does not stick out of the eye.

The eyes lit up inside.

The eyes lit up in day light.

I plan to make a bit more progress this week on the Pterodactyl having completed the Addiction X now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm addicted already - Un-boxing / Build of my new Precision Aerobatics - Addiction X

I’ve toyed long and hard over the past month or so whether to buy the E Flight Carbon Z Yak 54 or not, but having read a lot of negative comments on RC Groups about quality issues around servos, motor mounts and other niggles on the Carbon Z, I decided I would invest elsewhere.

I essentially wanted something that was aerobatic, could help me move into the 3D flying space and would be very easy on the eye.

Enter the Precision Aerobatics Addiction X in red, white and blue.

Luckily for me, my trustee local hobby store had some in stock at a very good price and having opened the box for me to show me the contents; it took me less than 5 minutes to make up my mind. I opted for buying the kit which included the power system:
  • PA Thrust 40 outrunner motor
  • PA Quantum 45 Programmable ESC
Later when I got home I opened the box and was presented with everything neatly bagged up (I’d already taken out the fuselage to inspect in more detail).

As can be seen from the following picture, the fuselage is very well put together and is strengthened with carbon.

Having studied the comprehensive black and white manual first, I started work on the wings first by adding the large ailerons. These are attached to the wings using the supplied hinges. Once the pre-cut slits have been opened up on both the wing and aileron with a sharp knife, the hinges were put in place and glued with thin CA ensuring that the aileron deflect the recommended 50 degrees up and down.

I’ve decided to go with four Hitec 82mg’s for this build and once the ailerons were hinged, I prepared the slots in the wing ready to take the servos. As recommended, a 3mm gap was left to iron down the overlap.
The motor box was next on the agenda and this was aligned up to the fuselage. Five carbon rods hold the motor box in place and having secured all these in, the motor box was then secured in place using 5 minute epoxy.

Having allowed the glue to set for a good hour, I then mounted the Thrust 40 motor into the correct position and secured it with the supplied washers and screws.

One thing that did surprise me about the kit was the fact that it did not include a propeller. Having subsequently tried to source this recommended propeller (VOX T-40X), it seems my only options are to try and get one direct from Precision Aerobatics in Australia or one of the other distributers in Europe. Thus far I’ve not been able to find anywhere in the UK, but have been recommended to go with a XOAR 14 * 7 prop as an alternative.

I will post more as I progress, so far so good, the quality of the kit looks excellent and it’s going together without any major issues. I found the following thread is also a very good source of information. Addiction X Community Build Thread as well as the various threads on RC Groups which look at this model.

My problem now is splitting myself between the two builds which I have on the go, this one and my 52” Marstons Pterodactyl.

More to follow soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture a couple of video’s leading up to the maiden flight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A bit more progress on the Pterodactyl

Not a whole lot of progress this week. I've made the slits for the aieron control horns and fixed the two metal gear servos in place.

The open and lower leading edge wing peices were then added and fitted together very easily. All that remains here is to sand into the wing tips

The upper balsa sheet is added over the servo now I'm satisfied the servo is secure, is connected up and has suitable control throw movement.

I've also decided on the covering and I've purchased a role of transparent yellow ProFilm for the wings and have ordered some transparent green for the body. I'm also toying with adding some red LED's into the head for the eyes!  I plan to progress a bit further this week, but I've also got the distraction of a new Precision Aerobatics Addiction X which I'm building up at the same time (look out for a post or two on this soon!).  All good fun!