Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ritewing Zephyr II Build - Part 5 - Nearly there!

Well a combination of crappy weather in the UK over the last couple of weeks coupled with my wife being away on a weekend training course has its advantages when trying to complete a Ritewing Zephyr II build! I'm happy to report that she's about done bar a few final touches.
All the gear has now been installed and the only thing left to complete is a couple of latches need adding to the hinged battery lids and the two centre hatches just need securing with a couple of screws. The only final touch then, is just to add a bit of decoration in the form of some ZII sticker logos. 

 The FPV camera was secured in place in its' enclosure. I drilled a small hole through into the front most bay to route the cable from the camera onto the Hornet OSD unit.
On the GoPro camera, I'm using the layer lens kit from fpvmanuals which protects the whole front of the GoPro camera. You just need to purchase the separate GoPro lens replacement kit with this. These can be purchased from Amazon.
The winglets were secured with some hot glue. Before I glued in place however, I just sunk two bits of 4mm carbon rod of about 15mm in length into the wing which would then help align onto two small holes in the winglet. This took the guesswork out of trying to line the winglet up so that there was equal amounts above and below the wing.
The Hacker motor and speed controller combination are all wired up and I just have to complete a power test now to check I'm not pulling too many amps with the 9*6 APC-e prop I've initially chosen. I may try a folding prop too although I'll need to buy one of these. 

Hmmmmm pretty well ready to maiden then!  Watch this space ;)

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  1. how many weight totally is your ZII with this carbon style coat ?