Friday, May 20, 2011

Pterodactyl Head and Neck

As the build instructions state, the first step is to push all the Pterodactyl head and neck laser cut parts out of their respective sheets ready for assembly.

The next step was to fit the head cross pieces to the neck sides.I dry fitted as many of the pieces as I could first and then applied the thin CA once I was satisfies everything was where it should be.

The centre neck piece in-between the neck sides was then added. I did each side in turn apply pressure on the neck sides to form the correct shape.

The shoulder pieces marked 1 and 2 were next on the agenda. Both sides were glued in place and then sanded. The picutres below show the shoulders prior to sanding and then one of them sanded

Once the shoulders had been sufficiently sanded, it was a case of attaching them to the neck as shown below.

The top and bottom neck sheets were then added and sanded into shape.

Next up were the shoulder pieces (3) which required a bit of sanding action to shape accordingly before finally fitting into place.

Next up were the head sides (it's starting to take shape now!).

The head bottom and top sheeting was then added, shaped and sanded, however I have left the very head top and neck pieces as this is where lead would be required to get the centre of gravity correct at a later stage.

To get to this stage it probably took me just short of two hours. I bit more sanding is required to really smooth the head and neck down, but the Pterodactyl is really starting to take shape now. I'll move onto the body next I think and post again once I've made more progress.

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