Thursday, May 5, 2011

GoPro attached to my ST Model Blaze glider.

After successfully capturing a number of aerial footage videos with WOT 4 Foam-E (see my YouTube video channel or watch out for some posts here very soon), I decided that I would try my GoPro HD camera on my ST Model Blaze glider. I essentially glued one of the special GoPro mounts on top of the plastic wing attachment making sure that the C of G stayed the same with the flight battery installed and camera positioned.  As a bit of additional assurance, I also have a couple of elastic bands which help keep the camera in place (you don't want it to drop off mid flight!).

Picture of the GoPro mount stuck onto the plastic wing joining piece. Similar to my WOT4 using the same mount, I've added a bit of epoxy glue as a precaution. I'm paranoid about the camera dropping off from 400 feet up!

Picture shows the GoPro camera housed on the mount with a couple of eleastic bands for a bit more assurance!

Ok, so here is the resulting video which I was able to capture. The video has been edited and shows two flights edited into one video with clips with the camera pointing forward and turning it around to show the tail of the Blaze.  With the added weight it altered the flight characteristics significantly and it made gliding the Blaze rather difficult! None the less with sufficient power applied, I was able to keep the Blaze airborne without too many problems.

Please comment and come back from more soon! Thanks.

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