Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little more progress on the 52" Marstons Pterodactyl

Ok as well as pulling a 20+ year plus IC plane out of the attic and installing an SC40 IC motor in it,  I've also been able to make a bit more progress on the Pterodactyl. Probably not as much as I would have liked, but hey, I'm in no rush!

Following the last post, I've fitted the trialling lower wing edge as shown below in the next few pictures.


Added the slightly angled wing tips to both sides of the wing.

Having soldered all the bullet connectors to the two motors, speed controllers and extension leads connecting the motors to the speed controllers, everything worked perfectly when I tested them prior to installing in the wing.

The following two pictures show the two speed controllers wired into a single XT60 connector which I use on my lipo batteries and the two speed controllers connected into a Y harness lead. As detailed in the build instructions, I've cut one of the red wires from one of the speed controllers. As opposed to cutting the actual wire which comes from the speed controller, I cut one of the red wires on the Y harness lead. You never know, I may be using the speed controller again for another project in the future, although not too soon I hope!

As can be seen below in a little more detail, one of the speed controller ESC red wires has been cut in the Y harness.  

I made some extension leads and as can be seen below, these have been fed through the wing ribs ready to connect to the ESC's. 

One of the motors mounted connected up in more detail.

A portrait view of the wing so far with the wires running through the wing ribs.

The following video shows progress to date in a little more detail. I've connected up the motors to a receiver, battery and watt meter and it's pulling about 20 amps total on full power with two 6*4 props.

The next stage it to try and finish off the wing adding the leading and trailing top and lower edges.

Please feel free to add any comments which you may have and drop back in for further updates soon!

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