Monday, May 23, 2011

Heads, Shoulders, Wings and Tails, Wings and Tails.....Eyes and horns and mouth and beak.....

OK a bit more progress has been made and the Pterodactyl is really starting to take shape now.

The next stage was to attach the head and neck which I made the other night to body sides once they'd all be aligned against the plans. 

 The center double added to the under side of the top rear piece

 The rectangle belly pieces shaped to fit the curves of the side body parts.

With the exception of the bottom rear piece which I have left off to allow access into the V-Tail servos and linkages, the head, neck and body are pretty much complete. I just need to add in the #8-32 blind nuts under the wing screen down holes.

The moment of truth where the body and wing are aligned for the first time!  Very cool, if this doesn't turn a few heads I don't know what will!

 Back onto the wing at this stage and the next few pictures show the bottom rear trailing edges being added along with the bottom covering near the motors.

 The Top rear trailing edges are added and the aileron servos are positioned to check size. I'm getting to the nitty-gritty parts now but thus far I'm thoroughly enjoying this build. I can really recommend it if a Pterodactyl is your cup of tea. I just hope this wind we've been having in the UK throughout May doesn't last too much longer otherwise I'll have forgotten how to fly RC planes before I get to fly this beast! :)

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