Monday, March 28, 2011

WOT4 Foam-E aerial footage with the GoPRO HD

Following one from my previous posts on how I've attached the GoPro HD to my Ripmax WOT 4 Foam-E, I captured the following video this weekend and was surprised just how little having the camera attached changed the flight characteristics of the plane. I was expecting I would need to fly the plane on full throttle a lot more, but this wasn't the case.  As can be seen in the video, I tried a few loops, rolls and inverted flight without any issue. There wasn't a whole lot of wind and it's a shame the sun wasn't shinning to show off a little more detail.  On the whole, very happy with the output I've been able to capture and I look forward to doing more experiments now the weather is improving in the UK. 

Come back to see more over the coming weeks/months.

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