Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GoPro attached to my WOT4 Foam-E ready to capture in HD

As mentioned in my previous post, I've recently acquired a GoPro HD camera from America. A friend kindly purchased the camera in America whilst on holiday. I managed to get it for £140 as opposed to the £299 asking price on the web site (Rip off Britain or what!!!).

Anyway, I've chosen to strap the camera to my WOT4 Foam-E in the first instance and have opted to mount  the camera upside down between the front under carriage. The GoPro has a neat setting whereby you can still have the camera upside down, but capture the video in the correct orientation if that makes sense? The camera comes with a number of mounts and I've opted to try one of the mounts which has some 3M sticky tape which is very adhesive. As a backup, I've just added a couple of blobs of epoxy resin just to add a further bond. The final backup is have two elastic bands which hold everything together. See pictures below.

I'm hoping the Spring weather in the UK stays settled for the weekend so I can give it a go. Watch out for some videos soon!


  1. Looks very nice, and the camera seems to fit in nice, cant wait to see the results.

  2. Take a look on my latest blog post and you will see the results!

    More to follow soon too!

    Adding the camera doesn't seem to alter the flight characteristics at all, in fact I believe it flies better!

    Thanks for your comment!