Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well here goes!

Welcome to my new blog aimed at all things that fly remote control. I've recently returned to the RC world after an absence of about 20 years! I thought I would setup a quick blog to write about my experiences in the RC Flying arena and share some of the experiences and projects which I have on the go or at the planning stage.

As well as the RC side of flying, I also enjoy strapping cameras onto RC planes to capture areil footage. Thus far, I've been restricted to using cheap little key cameras with limited success. Hopefully things will change for the better now I've purchased a GoPro HD camera and I plan to capture some footage with this over the coming months. My Youtube channel can be found as follows and already has a few RC related videos.

Area's where I'm looking to get into (once I have the funds to do so) is First Person View (FPV) flying, so watch out for this hopefully.

I've been having great fun with a number of Depron pusher jets recently, so will share my building experiences and tips for building these.

I currently have something rather different on order which I plan to build over the coming months and will document on here at different stages. Not wanting to give too much away at this stage, it should certainly turn a few heads!

Feel free to comment and I hope you find some of the information useful!

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