Friday, March 25, 2011

Something rather different on the building table.

I few months ago I commented to my wife wouldn’t it be cool to have something like a remote control flying Pterodactyl only to park the idea and take it no further at that time.

Then in early March 2011 whilst listening to the RC Radio Network Airshow 46 podcast, I was amazed to hear that such a Pterodactyl model/kit actually existed and the highly talented Ron Marston of PteroWorks in America had actually designed a 52” and 80” Pterodactyl and was making it available in kit form.  Anyone listening to the RC Radio Network Show and quoting this was offered a 10% discount if purchasing.

I contacted Ron Marston and he quickly responded by giving me a quote including shipping to the UK. Just short of three weeks later the Pterodactyl has now been delivered and I’m now going to study the plans and instructions in detail as well as taking in all the comments regarding this kit on the RC thread. 52" Marston Ptrerodactyl by PteroWorks thread on RC Groups

I plan to keep a build log with pictures along the way, ultimately leading to the maiden flight which I hope to get captured on video.  

For now I’ve captured a picture of the kit contents and ultimately how I want it to look once completed!  I’m not in any great rush to complete this project and as the instructions and threads suggest, you should take your time with this kit which is what I will do!

If you’re interested then please check back in for updates which I plan to post on this blog.

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