Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lured to the dark side of helicopters! Blade 450 3D.

Since returning to the RC hobby, I've had three micro Blade helicopters. I started with the Blade MCX2 and then picked a second hand Blade MSR up off of eBay before then settling on the slightly larger Blade 120SR. Attending a few indoor flying events recently coupled with flying the tricopter a lot has got me craving a larger helicopter. A couple of months ago I decided I'd purchase a Blade 450 3D and see how I get along with that. Well the bug has certainly got me and as the two videos show, I'm not getting to grips with this helicopter following the first few flights where I was just practising hovering.  Already I'm starting to think of getting to grips with a bigger heli! Hmmmm a nice Trex 600 I think!

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