Monday, October 17, 2011

Circumstances are not helping the Pterodactly build!

Due to the sad loss of a fellow modeller, I've been very kindly given the below two models. Both are IC models and having tested them, they both run fine. I'm not sure how long since they were last started/flown, but all the electronics were installed so it was just a matter of installing my own receiver and flight batteries.

The first model is called a Trident II and features the very strange looking swept forward wings. It's fitted with an OS 46 two stroke engine and is certainly brightly coloured. I might need to fly this one with my shades on!

The second is called a Vivace and is fitted with a two stroke 62 engine. She's a low wing sports aerobatic plane and boasts a six foot single piece wing span. The installed pilot looks a bit of a cool dude as does my son Joseph (5 years old) who is posing with the plane. Joseph's practising on the RC Phoenix simulator when he can, so once he can consistently demonstrate to me he can fly circuits and not just do random stick bashing, then you never know, he might get the chance to have a go with something a bit smaller in months to come!

I'm going to renew the fuel pipe in both planes, but hopefully watch out for some flight videos and further reports coming to my Youtube channel soon!

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