Tuesday, June 28, 2011

52" Pterodactyl Wing Progress

Now the distraction of the Addiction X build is out of the way, I've returned to my Pterodactyl build. I'm trying to finalise the wing and other than adding the ailerons and giving it a really good sanding it's pretty well there now. I've decided to cover the wing in transparent yellow profilm, so another few sessions and I should be ready to start applying.

The two speed controllers are in place and sit securely via some velcro on some 3mm depron which I've glued to the carbon spars. The leading and trailing edges have all been applied and rib tops have all been applied.

The speed controllers and wires are all enclosed in now. I just ensured the supplied screens all aligned up by screwing these in place before I glued the final top pieces.

 A bit more sanding and the wings will be ready to cover.

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