Monday, July 18, 2011

Weston Cougar 2000 to the sky.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a second hand Weston Cougar 2000 from a guy who was giving up the RC hobby. I'd spotted the plane on EBay and given the guy lived pretty close to where I work, I took the liberty to view the item prior to committing a bid. All was good with the model and the nice chap even threw in a gallon of fuel at a knock down price. An Irvine 46 was installed and included, as well as a 35Mhz Receiver which was surplus to requirements. This has gone back onto EBay!  I made him and offer and took it off his hands there and then!

The following video was taken from it's first outing to the field. It's a relatively quick flight as it was very close to a no fly period.
Since the video, I've had a further two outings with the Cougar and I'm really enjoying flying this lively bird, even though it is IC!

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